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Denmark embassy

Dannish Customs Regulations

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Welcome to the Dannish Visa Processing Centre in London. Please follow the requirements below to apply for your entry visa to Denmark

Denmark Customs Information

The Faroe Islands are treated as being outside of the EU for the Duty Free section. The following goods may be imported into Denmark without incurring customs duty:

(a) Non-Danish residents arriving from an EU country with duty-paid goods purchased in an EU country:
• 10l of spirits or 20l of fortified wine (maximum 22%).
• 90l of table wine.
• 800 cigarettes or 400 cigarillos or 200 cigars or 1kg of tobacco.
• 110l beer.
• Other commodities: no limit.
The above quantities are guide levels as recommended by the EU. Goods must be for personal use only.

(b) Residents of non-EU countries entering from outside the EU (excluding Greenland) with goods purchased in non-EU countries:
• 1l of spirits or 2l of sparkling fortified wine (maximum 22%).
• 2l of table wine.
• 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco.
• 500g of coffee or 200g of coffee extracts.
• 100g of tea or 40g of tea extracts.
• 50g of perfume.
• 250ml of eau de toilette.
• Other articles, including beer: up to kr1350.

Alcohol and tobacco allowances are for those aged 17 or over only, coffee and coffee extracts allowances are for those aged 15 or over. Special rules apply to tobacco products when traveling to Denmark from Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. Travelers are only allowed to import certain quantities without paying excise duty. More information is available from the website

Abolition of duty-free goods within the EU
On 30 June 1999, the sale of duty-free alcohol and tobacco at airports and at sea was abolished in all of the original 15 EU member states. Of the 10 new member states that joined the EU on 1 May 2004 and the two states that joined on 1 January 2007, these rules already apply to Cyprus and Malta. There are transitional rules in place for visitors returning to one of the original 15 EU countries from one of the other new EU countries. But for the original 15, plus Cyprus and Malta, there are no limits imposed on importing tobacco and alcohol products from one EU country to another. Travelers should note that they may be required to prove at customs that the goods purchased are for personal use only. Member states may follow the EU’s guide levels of: 10l of spirits; 20l of fortified wine; 90l of wine; 110l of beer; 800 cigarettes; 400 cigarillos; 200 cigars; and 1kg of tobacco.

Prohibited Imports
It is forbidden to import fresh foods into Denmark unless vacuum packed.


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